Team communication


Some people are really good in communication. They have the charisma, the talent, the skills, to communicate, to listen to others, and persuade them if needed.

Programmers are(?) not that social, at least not as much as the business or the HR people. Ιn addition to that, teams now have more than one formations. People together in a room or building, distributed, hybrid. Especially during covid era nowadays, distributed teams tend to be the standard.

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When the job title fits the personality and not the opposite.


So, there is your manager, your supervisor, your boss, the one higher than you in hierarchy. How was (s)he chosen? And by whom? Picking the right person for the right position is not an easy task. And there is no guarantee that the right person was picked.

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When no one is in charge, and why is wrong!


It’s not a new trend, nor the norm, but it is for sure a contemporary alternative way of management, at least, in the technology domain. Leaderless teams are temporarily or intentionally without a leader, but they are self-managed.

What’s the goal of a self-managed team? According to Andy Doyle, former Head of Operations at Medium, a self-management structure “aspires to empower individual voices and avoid the bureaucracy that often accompanies traditional organizational structures.”

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