When the job title fits the personality and not the opposite.


So, there is your manager, your supervisor, your boss, the one higher than you in hierarchy. How was (s)he chosen? And by whom? Picking the right person for the right position is not an easy task. And there is no guarantee that the right person was picked.

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When no one is in charge, and why is wrong!


It’s not a new trend, nor the norm, but it is for sure a contemporary alternative way of management, at least, in the technology domain. Leaderless teams are temporarily or intentionally without a leader, but they are self-managed.

What’s the goal of a self-managed team? According to Andy Doyle, former Head of Operations at Medium, a self-management structure “aspires to empower individual voices and avoid the bureaucracy that often accompanies traditional organizational structures.”

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How to fail as a startup


You own a startup company, right? You, supposedly, have a super, modern, whatever idea that you want to develop it and sell it, and make money of it. Plot twist! What happens, as a startup company, not having totally defined your idea? Not any peripheral details, but the core idea itself of the product you want to sell! You are doomed to fail.

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Who really appreciates software engineers?


Computer science is a relatively young science compared to others, like math, physics, chemistry, medicine etc. Especially computer science, as we know it today, started its development since Alan Turing‘s era and work. And till today a lot of people do not understand, nor appreciate the work we do and the results we deliver.

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The cover letter bullshit!


So, what is a cover letter? A letter with additional detailed information about you, on why you are qualified for the job. You should include specific information on why you’re a strong match for the employer’s job requirements. It actually is a sales pitch of yourself and skills.A cover letter usually, accompanies your resume you send out. Possible employers use them as a way to screen you, and determine if they would like to interview you. Cover letter is from the 50s, it’s an old idea that has to be retired.

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Women as software developers


Although I am trying to avoid commenting politics, I believe it’s better to talk rather than keep my mouth shut. Shutting my mouth is the easy task. The motive I am writing this piece, is Greta Thunberg, and the comments full of hate and sexism (unfortunately), I have been reading against her during her visit in the USA, and her presence at the 2019 UN climate action summit in New York. I will not comment on Greta’s actions on environmental awareness, or the hateful comments about her. The whole thing is just a strong motivation for me to express my thoughts on the “women as software developers” issue, that has been quite strong in the past few years.

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Know thy domain!


Let’s assume you are hired to develop a software system for a pharmaceutical company. Till that time, you knew nothing about that specific domain, no more than everybody knows about the pharmaceutical sector and medicines.And the knowledge you carry is from the side of the patient-client.

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Explaining software to business people, and business to programmers


Business people are completely different than us. Their point of view is sometimes so far away from ours, that in the end, there might be no overlap at all. Every domain has its own principles, its own constants, and that’s why we must setup a common ground, in order to achieve productive communication and it the end quality software.

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English language and programmers


For the past, almost, two years, I have been working in H2020 EU projects. In simple terms this means that I participate in consortiums with partners from all around the European Union, so I have to use my English language skills almost every day.

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Do programmers suck?


Programmers are people, not aliens. Well maybe not the most social ones, but still people. They carry their own personalities, emotions, culture, and set priorities based on their interests, as everybody else! Why programmers should be the exception? The reason is simple: Programmers work in teams by default, even if it seems otherwise!

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