The Fiware platform – episode 1 – Intro


FIWARE is an open source initiative defining a universal set of standards for context data management which facilitate the development of Smart Solutions for different domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Agrifood, and Smart Energy [1].

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Know thy domain!


Let’s assume you are hired to develop a software system for a pharmaceutical company. Till that time, you knew nothing about that specific domain, no more than everybody knows about the pharmaceutical sector and medicines.And the knowledge you carry is from the side of the patient-client.

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Why static code hurts project’s architecture?


Static method and classes are one of the OOP world’s drawbacks. I am not implying that you shouldn’t use it at all, but in long term I believe a source code full of static methods and classes add more burden into the maintenance process.

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C# and FP – episode 1 – Why?


Functional programming is how programming should be. We want behaviours (functionalities), that receive an input and produce an output. Simple as that. Of course we might need to process again and again the data in hand, but this is also part of the expected behaviour: one’s function output is the other one’s input.

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