Why static code hurts project’s architecture?


Static method and classes are one of the OOP world’s drawbacks. I am not implying that you shouldn’t use it at all, but in long term I believe a source code full of static methods and classes add more burden into the maintenance process.

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Explaining software to business people, and business to programmers


Business people are completely different than us. Their point of view is sometimes so far away from ours, that in the end, there might be no overlap at all. Every domain has its own principles, its own constants, and that’s why we must setup a common ground, in order to achieve productive communication and it the end quality software.

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English language and programmers


For the past, almost, two years, I have been working in H2020 EU projects. In simple terms this means that I participate in consortiums with partners from all around the European Union, so I have to use my English language skills almost every day.

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Do programmers suck?


Programmers are people, not aliens. Well maybe not the most social ones, but still people. They carry their own personalities, emotions, culture, and set priorities based on their interests, as everybody else! Why programmers should be the exception? The reason is simple: Programmers work in teams by default, even if it seems otherwise!

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C# and FP – episode 1 – Why?


Functional programming is how programming should be. We want behaviours (functionalities), that receive an input and produce an output. Simple as that. Of course we might need to process again and again the data in hand, but this is also part of the expected behaviour: one’s function output is the other one’s input.

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